Multisession Bundle: Tabletop RPG w/ BASIC D&D (BECMI) Levels 1-3 (3 sessions)

$279.00 $699.00


Enjoy adventuring experiences with tabletop role-playing gaming using the Basic Dungeons & Dragons (“BECMI”) game system.

$279.00 $699.00



Discounted bundle of 3 prepaid sessions (3 hours per session).

Cooperative adventure session for role-playing gaming, using the Basic Dungeons & Dragons (BECMI) game system, for adventures levels 1 through 3.

These adventures are meant to be completed over multiple sessions, not just a single session. This package only covers the cost of a single session. For discounts on bundled session, look for similar packages that include the “Multiple Sessions Bundle” tag. These adventures typically take 2 to 6+ sessions to complete.

This session includes a highly trained Professional Game Master (PGM), for one group of players (1-6 players), and everything needed to play including:

  • Player Character Record Sheets (blank or pre-generated as needed).
  • Rulebooks.
  • Adventure module
  • Maps/Battlemat
  • Dice
  • Pencils
  • Miniatures/tokens (optional)
  • and more!

This package uses the Basic Dungeons & Dragons game system, which is strongly recommended for anyone new to role-playing games and wants an introduction to Dungeons & Dragons role-playing gaming.

Enjoy the wonder and fun of tabletop role-playing gaming through Basic Dungeons & Dragons.



Additional information

D&D Version

Basic Dungeons & Dragons (BECMI)

Player Character Level


Number of Players at Table (not counting DM)

1, 2-3, 4-5, 6

Campaign Setting


Specific Published Adventure

B1 – In Search of the Unknown, B2 – The Keep on the Borderlands, B3 – Palace of the Silver Princess, B4 – The Lost City, B5 – Horror on the Hill, B6 – The Veiled Society, B7 – Rahasia, B8 – Journey to the Rock, B9 – Castle Caldwell and Beyond

Player Experience

Novice, Intermediate, Experienced

Player Age(s)

8-12, 13-17, 8-17, 18+, 18-25, 26-60, 61+, Other (please specify
in comments)

Location Features:

A table in your home/location (up to 6 players), RPG Bus _or_ RPG Trailer in front of your location (up to 6 players), At our office(s) (up to 6 players), RPG Bus _AND_ RPG Trailer at your location (up to 12 players), Other (specify in comments)


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